Episode 06: Overcoming Entrepreneurship Obstacles: Lessons Learned

Season 1
Season 1
Episode 06: Overcoming Entrepreneurship Obstacles: Lessons Learned

On this episode of Radical Clarity with Yetunde Shorters, she explores the world of astral projection and purpose. She shares her personal experiences with astral projection and sleep paralysis and how it led her to discover her purpose. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing soul rewards over financial rewards and encourages listeners to discover their purpose in life. In addition, she discusses her journey towards entrepreneurship and how confidence is key in achieving success. Yetunde also shares valuable lessons she learned about pricing and the importance of sharing her work publicly to inspire others. Join Yetunde as she encourages listeners to find clarity in their purpose and strive towards their best selves.

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Astral projection is when one’s soul leaves their body and moves into the astral plane. The speaker experienced it during their teenage years. Aycee believes that purpose should be the primary focus and financial rewards will follow. Purpose can be as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s face.

Show Notes

  • 00:02:39 The Truth About Finding Your Purpose
  • 00:08:14 Discovering Psychic Abilities in High School
  • 00:12:12 Discovering Astral Projection: My Sleep Paralysis Experience
  • 00:15:23 Overcoming Fear to Inspire: My Story
  • 00:17:03 Simplifying Confidence: Breaking Free from Corporate America

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