Episode 0: Unleashing Your Full Potential: A Journey to Radical Clarity

Season 1
Season 1
Episode 0: Unleashing Your Full Potential: A Journey to Radical Clarity

Whether you’re a new Entrepreneur or a creative business owner ready for your next level, if you’re ready to live a life that is powered by purpose, love and self mastery with a mega dose of business acumen, you’ve tuned into the right podcast.

Hey Boss. I’m Yetunde Shorters, Entrepreneur, Wife, Twin-Mon Plus, 20 year International Publicist/ Purpose Branding coach who is NLP Master certified. I’ll be sharing with you hacks, concepts and strategies to help you STEP UP to your next level. We’ll get to connect weekly with special guests that offer insights to understand yourself deeper, while demystifying the limiting beliefs that get in the way of your next success. I’ll share authentically, we’ll keep it simple and applicable so you can know exactly how to apply all you learn to get results, and have a great time doing it.

If you want to be a part of a community of purpose-powered women and really want to STEP UP to your next level, smash that subscribe button, turn on your notification and let’s get you ideas, concepts and strategies to amp up your next level.

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I first experienced my purpose at age 11. It was exhilarating, fulfilling and energizing, I would come to the acceptance of it in the fall of 2009 when a visit to the hospital from adrenal fatigue activated my urgency to go all in.

My journey of self actualization has led me to realize the power of purpose and how to maximize it for impact that transforms our world. Through overcoming mindset obstacles and challenges in both my personal and professional life, I have developed a deep understanding of subconscious programming, the skill to motivate others to take inspired action, self-discipline, and an intrinsic confidence in our capacity to excel.

These strengths, along with my passion for helping others see their infinite possibilities, led me to transition from being a full-time international publicist, to a full time Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP )Master practitioner for Women Entrepreneurs.

I use my expertise to bring clarity, confidence, and authenticity back to entrepreneurs and those they serve.
Yetunde Shorters –

My proven and reliable techniques for securing radical clarity and next level purposeful leadership have earned me recognition as the go-to expert on purposeful branding in the industry, and I am now sought after by Thought leaders and fortune 50 executives round the world.

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The Importance of Self-Worth and Unconditional Worthiness”
1. Introduction – Introduction of Yetunde Shorters and Radical Clarity podcast – Purpose of the podcast – Focus on guiding leading women entrepreneurs
2. The Power of Personal Branding – The method used to help achieve clarity and purpose – 20 years of experience as an international publicist
3. Speaker’s Credentials – Executive coach, life coach, and NLP Master practitioner – Brain-centric instructional design certified – Personal life role as a wife, twin mom, and “bona fide free D”
4. Message of Worthiness – Introduction of unconditional worthiness – Emphasis that every person is born worthy
5. Transformational Perspectives – Speaker’s message to encourage the audience to take notes for transformational words
6. Discussion – Invitation to the audience to engage in the discussion

Join us every week for authentic conversations with special guests, insights to understand yourself deeper, and demystifying limiting beliefs that get in the way of your next success.

Show Notes

  • 00:00:02 The Radical Clarity podcast helps women entrepreneurs reach their next level with ideas and strategies on purpose, self mastery, and personal branding.
  • 00:00:37 Experienced publicist and coach invites guests to share valuable insights for personal transformation.
  • 00:01:14 You are worthy. Listen for a transformational word. Let's start.

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