Episode 04: Redefining Value and Recognition through Asset Framing

Season 1
Season 1
Episode 04: Redefining Value and Recognition through Asset Framing

On this episode of Radical Clarity with Yetunde Shorters, we explore the concept of Asset-Framing® and its importance in defining people by their aspirations and contributions first. Our guest, Trabian Shorters, founding CEO of BMe Community, discusses the negative portrayal of Black and Brown People and how this discounts our contributions. He shares details of how Black Men are already constructively engaged, despite stereotypes, and encourages the use of asset framing to change the narrative of Any Stigmatized or marginalized group. We also delve into the importance of self-love, true humility, and positive psychology. Listen in as he challenges you to take the 100 day challenge of Asset Framing and explore ways to achieve personal growth and development. Join us and be part of the movement for the BMe Black L.O.V.E (LIVE | OWN| VOTE |EXCEL) Agenda. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review!

What us Asset-Framing®

The What is asset framing and why is it important? – Asset framing is the practice of defining people first by their aspirations and contributions before any other challenges. It is important because negative aspirations can automatically make the brain treat a person as a threat.

 For entrepreneurs, while facts matter, the narrative matters more because it tells people which information to pay attention to and which to ignore.
Trabian Shorters –CEO-BMe Community

Positive psychology was created based on the realization that constantly being in a state of fear and negativity is not healthy for individuals. Asset framing, or defining people by their positive aspirations and contributions, is important on a spiritual, soul, emotional, mental, and physical level

Show Notes

  • 00:02:16 Trabian Shorters discusses his background as a tech entrepreneur turned social impact worker, and how he worked to give black men more recognition for their constructive engagement in their communities. He also challenges common misconceptions about black men and women.
  • 00:05:35 BMe is a network and community that is built upon black love to make a better society for everyone. It is important to define this before further discussion
  • 00:07:53 Asset framing is defined as introducing and defining people first by their assets, aspirations, and contributions. It is important in understanding how human cognition works and can affect people's perceptions and decision-making. A negative narrative can lead to discounting information provided by certain individuals. Human decision-making is narrative-driven rather than objective.
  • 00:21:10 Negativity leads to mental, emotional, and spiritual harm, as seen in a World War II prisoner war camp where they filtered out good news and created an environment of mistrust and high suicide rates.
  • 00:22:43 sset framing is a skill of recognizing positive aspirations and contribution, which helps in sustaining life energy and seeing more possibilities, hope, and opportunities. It is a cognitive skill and a life-sustaining skill that can help increase one's sense of value and recognize the positive spirit that motivates others.

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